Senior Information

May 23, 2019


Dear Rising Seniors and Parents:


I know you find it hard to believe, but it is already time to start making arrangements for your senior year of high school.  Please note the following dates on your calendars:


Wednesday, June 26 – Friday, June 28, 2019:  Prestige/Lifetouch Portraits will take senior portraits in the LCHS Auditorium.


It is extremely important that all rising seniors have their yearbook portraits made on these dates.  The Reflectoryearbook staff is often asked if pictures may be taken by outside photographers.  Before you make this decision, let me convey some important benefits to using Prestige Portraits of Richmond, Virginia.


  • If the same photography company takes ALL color senior portraits, the appearance of the senior section is dramatically improved in your 2020 senior yearbook  
  • Prestige Portraits makes it easy for you because they come to LCHS. You do not need to drive to a distant photography studio or pay for the formal yearbook portrait
  • Prestige Portraits sends multiple professional photographers so the process is much quicker than at a studio without sacrificing quality 
  • Prestige Portraits offers a variety of packages (you are not obligated to buy and may certainly go elsewhere for your keepsakes), and students can pose with friends, animals, cars, and in uniforms just like they can with outside photographers  
  • Taking the pictures with Prestige/Lifetouch Portraits guarantees that all pictures will meet the requirements set by the yearbook staff so students’ portraits will appear in the 2020 yearbook.  Any portrait taken by an outside photographer must be turned in to me by November 12, 2019, along with a $20 handling fee.  Boys need to wear the traditional tuxedo with black bow tie, and girls need to wear the traditional black velvet drape; students should be facing forward (not looking back over a shoulder) with no props in hand.  The background must be medium blue and cropped correctly (see 2018 & 2019 yearbooks). The image must be submitted in digital format, 1200 x 1500 pixels. If a picture taken by an outside photographer differs in pose, dress, or quality, it may not be accepted by the yearbook staff for publication. Those portraits taken by outside photographers are not guaranteed publication, so it is strongly suggested seniors use our provided photographer, regardless of where they plan to purchase their own portraits.
  • Juniors/Seniors:Juniors who intend to graduate early may take a picture for the senior     section, but they must be officially recognized as an early graduate by the guidance office


Please make every effort to have your pictures taken by Prestige Portraits. They will be sending you information about how to make your appointment online; students should plan in advance so as not to miss their appointments.  The appointment slots start June 26. If there is a scheduling conflict, students will have another opportunity July 24 and 25, and a last opportunitySeptember 12, 2019, to make up the yearbook portrait at no cost.  

Here's the link for Prestige!


Thank you in advance,


Stacy H. Wildman

LCHS ReflectorYearbook Adviser

Stacy Wildman,
May 23, 2019, 6:24 AM