ACT Test Prep

ACT Official Test Prep offers test dates, registration, overviews on what to take with you on test day, and information about college and financial planning. However, the most useful part of the ACT website for test prep is its official sample questions. 

The Critical Reader blog offers some great tips and tricks for the English and Reading sections as well as test taking strategies. allows users to view tutorials, answer practice questions, create flashcards, and much more in preparation for the SAT or ACT. The courses are customized, adapts based on the users' skill levels, keeps track of what they've studied, and how well they're doing. 

Khan Academy APP or Khan Academy on YouTube offers completely free tutorials for math and science. Whether you need to brush up on ratios, complex numbers, or coordinate Geometry, a quick video lesson on Khan Academy may be all you need to set you on the right path for the ACT. 

Magoosh ACT Flashcards cover the essential English, reading, math, and science knowledge students need to know. The app adapts to you; once terms are mastered, they are removed from the pool so you can focus on the concepts you still need to learn. 

The Grading Game might seem like an odd selection for ACT prep, but the format of the game - which invites players to hunt down a wide range of errors within sample essays - is a great match for the format of the new ACT English sections, which asks students to do the same thing. You can practice at different difficulty levels. 

Math Brain Booster improves your attention span, reaction time, and mental sharpness by challenging you to solve different mathematical tasks within a time limit. The quicker you can get through the test with accuracy, the better chance you stand to earn a higher score.