LCHS Makerspace


The LCHS Makerspace is a group of shared school workshops and laboratories located in the Eugenia Bumpass Library and Media Center. We support student artists, engineers, makers, and thinkers by providing tools, resources, and learning experiences.


We use available resources to collaborate on individual and community projects in order to promote Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math, while working and experimenting with innovative ideas to encourage learning within our school community.


We believe that collaboration encourages learning. We encourage our students and teachers to share a love of exploring, hold unique educational events, and collaborate on very cool projects.

Makerspace Guidelines

(This space is designed for you to work on school projects and personal exploration projects which are school appropriate. This is not a space to just socialize/hang out with your friends.)

  1. When creating content with the library’s equipment, please remember to bring your own storage device (flash drive) or store your work in your Google Drive account. The library’s computers should not be used to store individual work or projects.

  2. When the space is open, there is a first come, first serve policy when it comes to utilizing tools and equipment. Please be courteous and share.

  3. Food and drinks are not allowed in the Makerspace.

  4. Library equipment should be used in a school-appropriate manner and used for the products original S.T.E.A.M. purpose.  

  5. Library space should be left neat and clean. All materials should be put back in their proper places and any trash should be disposed.

**Video games are not considered personal exploration projects, however, video game design and development are both allowed and encouraged.

3D Printing Guidelines

Our school has a Makerbot Replicator 3D printer.  We use PLA filament and currently have several colors available.

The LCHS library 3D printer should be used for school purposes.  All school rules listed in the code of conduct apply when 3D printing.  

Once you have a saved (.stl or .obj) file, please complete the online form for printing.

Students are not allowed to use the 3D printers to print their projects. A library staff member must be supervising the use of the 3D printers.

Failure to follow these guidelines may result in loss of access to the Makerspace.

**If you have any questions about this, please talk to a library staff member.  

DONATIONS: Without donations, our LCHS Makerspace will not be sustainable. You can help by donating supplies or by making a monetary donation.

3D Printing Forms