Reading Clubs

Virginia Readers Choice

Each year the Virginia State Reading Association puts out a list of 10 middle school appropriate books that they'd like students to read and then vote for their favorite.  This process is called Virginia Readers' Choice.  To participate in VRC a student must read 6 of the 10 VRC books and complete an A to Z form about the book.  Basically, after you read a book you come up with terms that begin with letters of the alphabet (20 of the 26 letters) from the book.  For example, if  the main characters name is Sally then beside the letter "s" you'd write Sally.  Then return the completed form to the yellow box on the checkout counter in the library.  If by March you've read 6 VRC books and completed the forms for each book you will be invited to a party.  We will vote for our favorite book, play trivia and try to win prizes. 

VRC titles 2017-2018

VRC 2017-2018 Document form

VRC Vote 2018

Battle of the Books (BOB)

Louisa County Middle School is participating in the Piedmont Region Battle of the Books during the 2017-2018 school year.  Battle of the Books is a competition where students compete against other schools by answering questions about selected books.  We will be competing with schools in Culpeper, Fauquier, Prince William and other Northern VA counties. You will be responsible for transportation to these two events. The dates are January 20th and April 14th. Please make sure you are able to attend the competitions before signing up for this club.

If you are interested in joining Battle of the Books, contact Mrs. Baughman in the library.

Club members need to follow Mrs. Baughman's blog at

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