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                                RESPONSIBLE READING
In our library that serves students ranging in ages from eleven to fourteen, a wide variety of materials are needed to match all interests. What is interesting and appropriate for fourteen-year-olds may not be interesting and/or appropriate for eleven-year-olds and vice versa. Libraries are all about choice. If a student chooses a book that makes him/her uncomfortable with its choices of words or situations, a student should return it and find a book that can be completely enjoyed. We want students to feel free to speak to a Librarian who will be more than glad to help all students find a selection of books that meet their particular needs. 

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                                LCMS Library Policies and Procedures

FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)
at the Louisa Middle School Library

What do I need to check out books?

Your student ID number. We can help you remember if you forget, but this number is also your computer password and your lunch number.

When can I come to the library?

You will come at least once every two weeks with your Language Arts Teacher, but you may also come during breakfast time and during lunch.

How many books

 may  I check out?

Generally we prefer that you stick to two books at a time, but we are sometimes persuaded to let you have more, as long as you are generally responsible with returns.

Do you have comic books?

Yes—Also called graphic novels. They are on the shelves in the  741  NonFiction area.

How can I find a book?

Our Destiny Catalog is available online for you to use anywhere you have Internet access, (home or school). The five stand-up computers in the library are always open for quick and easy access. Librarians are always happy to make suggestions and point you to some good reading materials!

How can I sign up to help in the library?

Come and talk to us! We depend on student help to keep things running smoothly and have a variety of jobs at times for students to do. There is an application process to complete to be an ACE Library Helper.

Can I check out videos or DVDs?

DVDs and videocassettes are reserved for use by teachers.

Can I check out something even if I have an overdue?

There are restrictions if you have an overdue book. Students may only check out one paperback book or select a book from our Amnesty shelf until overdue/lost book is returned.

Do you charge fines for overdues?

No, but we do need you to return books and other items as soon as possible. 

Can I check out something for my best friend?

No -- items that you check out should be for your own use ONLY.
YOU are responsible if your friend loses or damages the book. Don’t take that chance, return the book and then your friend can check it out.

Can a book be reserved?

Yes, there are pink “HOLD” forms at the front desk for students to fill out to reserve a book. Popular books MUST be read in the two week time frame…no renews!

Can a book be renewed?

Yes, if more time is needed to finish reading a book, bring book to the Library to be renewed. Exception: if the book is a popular book with many “holds” on it, the book must be read in the two week check out period…no renews.

Can magazines be checked out?

Sorry, no. Read magazines in the Library before 1st period starts or when Library is open during lunchtimes.