History and Information

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History:  It was first thought of somewhere in  2011. it then when into to production for 4 years. it was ready for release in 2015, but the postponed the release for 2 years. it was released march 3 2017 for the switch and Wii U .
 Information:  The legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild is the first Zelda game since the first three to offer an open world stile game. Zelda Breath of the Wild how ever breaks away from the other Zelda games with stamina and weapons breaking. Zelda Breath of the Wild also offers the biggest world out every Nintendo game.  Despite Zelda Breath of the wild breaking the normal Zelda formula it has been received really well. it also introduced some new enymies, these consit of gardians, and Yiga clan members.   Yiga clan memberImage result for yiga clan                                      guardianImage result for zeldaguardians