Skyrim is the fifth game from the Elder Scrolls  series, all made by Bethesda. The game is based in a medieval , fantasy-like  setting.  This is personally my favorite  game because of the endless line of quests and possible   outcomes. The game is known for its beautiful scenery. It's a free-roam game that lets you design your own character in amazingly deep detail and you can do whatever you'd like, there are endless possibilities. You do not have to stick to one quest at a time or any quest at all, you can just run around and slay animals and beasts. The game touches very serious topics such as war, poverty, and death. There is a very large  fan base dedicated to Skyrim and an even larger base dedicated to The Elder Scrolls series. As far i know the people who play Skyrim are very nice and helpful to those who have just started.  Both the game itself and the people who play it are  extraordinary. 
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