Why Choose Us?

Endorsements from REAL parents:

“We absolutely love the Pre-K program at Legacy.  It’s the perfect amount of play mixed with learning.  The teachers are fantastic and truly care for the students.  The Pre-K program is what convinced us to keep our children at Legacy.  Some things that make Legacy stand out is the Big Buddy program, our son looks for his buddies all around school.  The “specials”, like Art, Library, Music and Gym classes prepare Pre-K students for normal elementary classes.  We cannot say enough good things about the program and are truly blessed to be a part of it.”

  • Angie A.

“The Legacy PreK program is second to none!  Both of our sons attended or attend this program and we continue to be impressed with the curriculum, staff and the Christ like learning environment.  The teachers and staff are very dedicated to each child as an individual and understand that learning might occur differently for each child. They embrace these differences and have individual focuses for each child, and keep the parents well informed of their progress. They also explain to parents what to work on at home so that the learning does not stop in the classroom!  We love the staff and they treat us like family they are educated, nurturing people who care deeply for the children in the PreK program.  Learning about God and his teachings is an emphasis in the preschool program and the teachers do a great job of presenting it to the kids on a level they understand and incorporate into everyday life.   The kids attend other classes too like physical education, music, library and technology and love the variety of subjects they learn!  Can I tell you how much my boys love the big buddy program? Students from older grades come to spend quality time with the preschoolers making crafts, playing games and reading to them. The older students are great mentors and the preschoolers love spending time with their buddies.  These are elements that make Legacy unique and an excellent experience for children to grow that you will not find anywhere else. We love Legacy!!!”

  • Carrie R.

Our youngest son, Wyatt is attending Legacy Pre-K this year. This is our first time sending one of our children to a private school.  My husband and I have raised 7 other children who have attended public schools and we can honestly say we are amazed at the difference Legacy provides in terms of individualized attention and academic rigor.  In addition to the tremendous academic progress he has made this year (at age 4!!), we have seen spiritual growth in our son that is a direct result of the caring, age-appropriate biblical foundation instilled in the classroom.  He is referencing Jesus and biblical stories in a very mature and comprehensible way that surprises us all the time, we are so proud of his spiritual growth!  The caring and committed staff at Legacy has gone above and beyond to nurture and love our son daily and through some unexpected situations.  We feel part of a family here at Legacy where everyone knows and supports one another.  We are so blessed and thankful we trusted Legacy to educate our son with both Christian values and academics!

  • Amy M.

Our son Riley has been in the preschool program for 2 years (end of September birthday).  We first met Lynda Domino at the Legacy Gala.  She was very personable that night and invited us to come in and tour Legacy.  We were very impressed with the attention to detail and small class sizes.  We knew it was the right fit for our son.  We ABSOLUTELY love his teacher Mrs. Anderson and made a request to have her for his 2nd year.  He made so much progress in his first year and even more so this 2nd year.  We love how small the classes are which allows the teachers to really focus on the kids in their class.  Even the other teacher who shares part of the room with our son knows our son and acknowledges him each morning.  All the recognition and personalized interaction is amazing!  The focus on one number and letter each week has been great, as our son will bring it home and share with his younger siblings and they are excited to attend Legacy in upcoming years as well!  We couldn't have asked for a better program or beginning to our child’s education!

  • Samantha E.

“The staff at Legacy are amazing! They are welcoming, caring and talented. The communication is above and beyond. My child loves going to school and comes home happy and excited to talk about what he has learned. They have carefully crafted a curriculum that is engaging, fun and prepares children for kindergarten. This is my second child to attend Legacy for preschool and I plan to send my third as well!”

  • Allison S.

“We loved legacy so much my daughter will be going for 2 years of preschool since she has a summer birthday.

My son excelled and his kindergarten teacher commented that its very obvious he went to a good preschool. He's scoring high on all testing and knows all letters sounds and. Lots of sight words. Very polite to others.

Excellent school looking forward to being back in August.”

  • Angie R.