PSALM 33:3

"Sing to Him a new song,
play skillfully and shout for joy!

  • The music instruction at Legacy Christian Academy is aimed to train up students to skillfully make music as an expression of worship to God.

  •  Students should acquire a basic understanding, appreciation and proficiency in music.

  • Skills are developed progressively over time as we study the basic elements of music: rhythm, melody, form, dynamics and harmony.

  • Musical activities include singing, playing rhythm instruments, listening to music of various styles and cultures, moving, reading, writing and composing.

  • PreK students who are all day receive 30 minutes of music instruction weekly. 1/2 day students have a 15 mn session weekly.

  • K-4th students receive two 30 minutes sessions of music instruction weekly.

  • 5th grade - General music M & Th (45 minutes each session)
  • 6th grade - General music Tu & Fr (45 minutes each session)