Welcome to Kindergarten!

Legacy Christian Academy's Vision:  Cultivating Christian Leaders to Change the World through Jesus Christ to the Glory of God.

Class Verse:  Psalm 19:14- "May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, O Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer."

Kindergarten is such an exciting time- a year of growth and many new discoveries.  We spend a large amount of our time working on reading readiness skills this year.  The alphabet comes alive!  We discover that the ABC's aren't just letters anymore...they have sounds.  When those sounds are combined, they become words.  Soon we are reading and writing- words, sentences, stories!  

Working with numbers in Math is another big focus for us.  We will discover patterns in numbers and our world, as so much of the math world is built on patterns.  We will count, count, count, build number concept,  learn about money, reading information on a graph, adding and subtracting. Math is a super fun "hands on" time, where we will concretely experience concepts to maximize our understanding.

We will read our Bible this year and become more familiar with God's Word.  We will share our praises and requests of God as we pray together.  It is my desire that our children deepen their love for our Lord this year, and grow together in a community of God honoring students.

Kindergarten is a time of growing independence, making friends, taking on new responsibilities and having bigger expectations- like staying on task and learning all day long!  It is a joy for me to come alongside your child and join him or her in this magnficent journey!  What a wonderful year we will have together!