Observing with LUCI

This section provides details on running the instrument, taking and checking data, and the appropriate calibrations needed .

The sections outlined are:
Software - Describes the software used to operate the instrument. Understanding and utilizing these commands are needed to proceed with observing.
Observing Procedure - Outlining how to setup and observe with LUCI1 or LUCI2 in Imaging, Longlist, and MOS modes
Calibrations - Outlines the calibrations needed for Long-slit, Multi-Slit, and imaging modes. 
Troubleshooting - Common gotchas and faults are outlines with their solutions.

Operations Overview

  1. From either an obs machine or a rm525 work station, open the software with the command: open_observer luci all.  Init mechanisms at the start of the night. Open up the RTD. Open the telescope services with the command open_observer luci telsvc.

  2. To run run scripts, Load observing scripts into the Observer Execution Panel and Go!. Use RDT to align and verify field.  Depending on the type of observation, the acquisition/verification may be performed differently. If an Imaging continue here, if a Long-Slit acquisition continue here, and if a Multi-Slit acquisition continue here.

  3. End of night, put the blind blind filters in place, set the grating to mirror, and confirm that flexure compensation is off and calibration unit if out with lamps off. Make sure that there is no mask left in turnout. Mask should either be in the FPU or No Mask in Use.