LBC Overview

The Large Binocular Cameras (LBCs) are two wide-field imagers mounted on the prime focus (F/1.14) swing arms of the LBT. They were developed by three groups within the Italian Institute for Astrophysics (INAF) and accepted as LBTO facility instruments in October 2011.

LBC-Blue is mounted above the left (SX) mirror and is blue-optimized for observations from approximately 3500 to 6500 angstroms, while LBC-Red is mounted above the right (DX) mirror and is red-optimized for observations from approximately 5500 angstroms to 1 micron. The LBCs are designed to be used simultaneously, but can also be run independently.

Each LBC consists of four 4.6K x 2K E2V detectors covering a corrected field of view ~25' x 23' at ~0.23"/pix. The filters available in each camera are summarized in the following table.

LBC-Blue LBC-Red
 UBessel  VBessel
 VBessel  IBessel
 gSloan  rSloan
 rSloan  iSloan
 SDT_Uspec  zSloan