Take a Look!
Our third term is full of exciting and interesting activities!
-St. Patrick's Day Luncheon
-St. Michael's Mission (last group)
-English Language Arts Exam
-Family BINGO Night
-Fun Night
-Allion's STEAM Expo '17
-Spring Sr. Concert
-Graduation Trip to Camp Bon Depart
-Mathematics Final Exam
-Grade 6 Graduation

English Language Arts:
In order to prepare for our Ministry exam, we will be practicing our writing skills in various styles (ex. narratives, responses, etc.). With our Expo coming up in the Spring, we will be learning about the Middle Ages and the progression of events that led up to the Renaissance period in the U.K. We will be researching the hierarchy of the people,  their many trades, and the important roles that castles played in protecting a society. The students will also be introduced to the play Macbeth by William Shakespeare. We will be showcasing our amazing work at Allion's Expo '17.   

In the third term, students will be learning all about geometry and measurement. We will also be reviewing all of the concepts taught this year in order to be prepared for our final Ministry exam.  

Due to popular demand, we will be conducting our ethical discussionate format. The students will build sound arguments for both "for" and "against" sides of a specific topic. They must then take one side and defend it. A small group of peers will take on the roles of jury members to decide the which side had the strongest argument.