Welcome to Grade 6,
Class of 2018!
This will be your last year in elementary school,
so let's make it one that you will never forget!
While grade 6 is full of exciting events,
it is also filled with work!
However, "work" can be as entertaining and interesting if it's approached in the right frame of mind. This year we hope that you will find our STEAM themes to be engaging, interactive and a starting point towards discovering the greater world around you.

Throughout the year, everyone will have access to my Google Classroom account where you will see posts about classroom events, calendars, important messages, photos and of course, homework assignments. 

Your child's list of school supplies can be found in "Forms and Documents".

English Language Arts:
Students we will be practicing their writing skills in various styles. They will solidify their ability to plan, draft and edit their writing in order to create quality pieces that they can feel proud of and will want to share to their peers. 

Students will also engage in moments of guided reflection after reading a text/story. They will then respond in a manner that includes valid observations and evidence about the author's use of various literary devices, voice and moral messaging, while also making personal and world connections. 

With our Expo coming up in the Spring, we will also be using technology to research and develop work that will compliment our showcase at Allion's Expo '18.   

In order to prepare for our Ministry Exam at the end of grade 6, students will be working in the Decimals workbook, while completing a situational problem each term. Students will also have the opportunity to practice their problem solving skills while completing smaller applications each week. 

World and community based "hot" topics will be discussed and examined through the use of a Kangaroo Court. Students are divided into two opposite sides of a debate. Each team will build sound arguments"for" or "against" a topic, and then present their points in a trial-like procedure. A small group of peers will take on the roles as jury members to decide which side has presented and defended the strongest argument.