Welcome to the John Rennie High School Library website.  Since, our library is currently closed for the summer because it is under construction does not mean that students  must not have a good summer. I am a strong believer in games, reading and fun during the summer check this out !

JUNE is LGBTQ month!

book cover comes from goodreads.com
Book of the month!

Librarian's suggestion:
Even though the JRHS
library is temporarily closed for renovations
check out all different genres of
Books in Overdrive.

just scan the QR code located on the library door.
If you have never scanned before try downloading "Insignia" from the app store it is free.
and you are well on your way. KLB

Have a wonderful Summer JRHS!
from all the staff and students in the library.
photo created by justpic.com   Best Nature Wallpaper of the year #1093009

Check the Document link at top of this page!
JRHS  YA Summer Reading Challenge Bingo 2017

A reading game for this summer. Prizes will be awarded in the Fall! 
Have a wonderful summer everyone!
Mrs. K. Lukian Byrnes
JRHS Librarian