Welcome to the John Rennie High School Library website. Our main goal is to help students learn new and accurate information which is beneficial to their future development. The JRHS Library is a safe place where students come to study, learn and socialize. The JRHS Library is used for several reasons; research, classroom projects, LBPSB workshops, meetings, student vaccinations,  Cycle  exams, general staff meetings and author visits.For the past few weeks the librarian Kathryn Lukian and Suzanne Nesbitt the LBPSB library consultant have been busy weeding the massive  collection.Over the next few months our precious library will be transformed into a modern , efficient  JRHS Library Learning Commons.
Every week we will provide update as to how the renovation is coming along.  So far we have eliminated over 143 big blue recycle bins full of old , outdated books . We have completed the Non-Fiction Section, French Fiction , the Reference, the Fiction and the periodicals archives, Drama collection has moved to the Drama teachers room and the professional library has been weeded.


Poetry Month in the 

Librarian's suggestion:
Students can select a book from the deleted pile and
highlight  your  poem in the book  and then have your
poems on display in the library. KLB

     Weeding the library is an essential part of
a growing library! In turn we will be filling the library spaces with new , up-to-date books which are 
relevant to the ever changing curriculum and the needs of students and staff. Pictures of  the weeding will be posted on this website.

Batch deleting library records
makes weeding an easy task. No longer do we weed
one book at a time we can weed a hundred or more.
Photos created and compiled by K.Lukian JRHS Librarian.

Some Books which will become Movies in 2017

Compiled by Kathryn Lukian  JRHS Librarian
photos from  POPSUGAR Entertainment.