Dr. Xiangzhong (Remi) Luo

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Climate and Ecosystem Sciences Division,
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Department of Environmental Science, Policy and Management,
University of California, Berkeley

Email: xzluo@lbl.gov
Bio: I aa postdoctoral research fellow in the Climate and Ecosystem Sciences Division at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, working with Dr. Trevor F. Keenan on quantifying the terrestrial carbon cycle and its climate sensitives. Before joining LBNL, I received a BSc from a top-notch remote sensing-related program at Wuhan University and a MSc in physical geography at Peking University, which has the best environment/ecology program in China. At that time, I developed an interest in understanding the physical and biological processes that regulate ecosystem functions. Then, I went on to pursue a PhD degree under the guidance of Dr. Jing M. Chen at University of Toronto, using leaf-gas exchange, eddy-covariance, sap flow, remote sensing and Terrestrial Biosphere Models to study vegetation photosynthesis and evapotranspiration at scales from leaf to the globe. My current research goal is to answer the question of how terrestrial ecosystems respond to climate change, with a focus on the terrestrial carbon cycle and water cycle.