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The Theory Institute for Photon Sciences (TIPS) Workshop will be held as part of the annual Advanced Light Source User Meeting on Wednesday, October 10, 2012.

This workshop brings together leading theorists and computational scientists from the physical, chemical, and materials sciences whose work impacts the kinds of experiments possible at current and future x-ray light sources (currently, from synchrotrons to x-ray free electron lasers). Their research is vital to understanding the limits of what new science can be achieved at light sources through prediction, interpretation, and design of future experiments.

This year we invite world experts from the experimental community at the forefront of research using photon sources, to illustrate their current and planned energy science efforts and to inspire or encourage synergistic activities in TIPS to address unsolved problems in those areas. 

Please see our Agenda for speakers and talk titles. The workshop will be held at the ALS Building 6, Room 2202.

Invited Speakers include:
Roger Falcone, LBNL and UC Berkeley
Chi-Chang Kao, SLAC and Stanford
Bob Schoenlein, LBNL
Steve Kivelson, Stanford
Vittal Yachandra, LBNL
Yi-De Chuang, LBNL
Wanli Yang, LBNL
Joshua Kas, University of Washington
David Skinner, LBNL

This workshop is organized by the TIPS Executive Committee:
Arun Bansil, Northeastern University
David Prendergast, LBNL
Tom Devereaux, Stanford
Joel Moore, UC Berkeley/LBNL
John Rehr, University of Washington
Zahid Hussain, LBNL