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We have an ATLAS theory-experiment mailing list (now migrated to a google group) where these events are announced. To subscribe, click on the link, log in with your LBL account and click the "Join Group" button towards the top. Alternatively, you can send a blank email (blank subject, blank body) to: and you'll receive an email asking you to confirm the subscription and provide your email address (if using a non-gmail account). You should be able to see the mailing list below as well.

If you have a talk that you could upload, please send it along to Simone Pagan Griso or Dean Robinson

Mailing list

Upcoming Meetings
Thursday, Sep 24th, 2020
Thursday, Jan 9th, 2020
  • Benjamin Nachman (LBNL), "Preparing for early run 3 physics: special LHC running conditions and opportunities"

Thursday, Dec 12th, 2019
Thursday, Nov 21st, 2019
  • Iftah Galon (Rutgers University), "search for muonic forces using the ATLAS detector" (arXiv:1906.09272)
Thursday, Sep 19th, 2019
  • Beate Heinemann (DESY), "Prospects for Higgs boson measurements at future colliders" (arXiv:1905.03764)

Thursday, May 16th, 2019
Thursday, May 9th, 2019
Thursday, Apr 18th, 2019
Thursday, Feb 28th, 2019
  • Lian-Tao Wang, "Targets of new physics searches at the HL-LHC"

Thursday, Dec 13th, 2018
Friday, Sep 14th, 2018
Thursday, May 31th, 2018
Thursday, February 8th, 2018
  • Emily Duffield, same sign WW production
Thursday, January 11th, 2018
Friday, December 1st, 2017
Friday November 10th,  2017
Friday October 27th, 2017
Friday September 15th, 2017
  • Ian Moult, Ben Nachman, Using jet substructure to measure alpha_s
Friday September 1st, 2017
  • Informal chat & introducing new postdocs and students on ATLAS/theory side
August 3rd, 2017
June 8th, 2017
Apr 27th, 2017
Feb 9th, 2017
  • New ideas on Long-Lived Superparticles with Hadronic Decays at the LHC (Zhen Liu)
Nov 10th, 2016
Oct 6th, 2016:
Sep 8th, 2016:
Aug 11th, 2016:
Jun 14th, 2016:
May 19th, 2016:
  • Dark Matter simplified models and searches (Tongyan Lin)
Mar17th, 2016:
  • Discussion of Moriond results on di-photon searches (ATLAS, CMS)
Feb 11th, 2016:
Jan 7th, 2016:
  • ATLAS Z+MET Search (Tova Holmes) and Diphoton bump problems (Theorists)
Dec 17th, 2015:
Nov 12th, 2015:
Oct 22nd, 2015:
  • Paddy Fox on the ATLAS and CMS diboson excesses
Sept 17th, 2015:
July 2nd, 2015:
  • Simon Knapen on General Gauge Mediation
June 4th, 2015:
    May 14th, 2015:
    Apr 9th, 2015:
    Mar 5th, 2015:
    • Zach Marshall on new dilepton SUSY searches in CMS and ATLAS
    Feb 12th, 2015:
    • Michele Papucci on Atom, for recasting search results
    Jan 22nd, 2015:
      • Exclusive final states in the Standard Model
      Jan 6th, 2015:
      • Welcome back lunch and general discussion
          Dec 11th, 2014:
            Oct 2nd, 2014:
            Aug 14th, 2014:
            May 29th, 2014:
            • Jon Walsh: Jet veto effects and interference in Higgs decays and Photon PDFs
            April 16, 2014:
              Feb 20, 2014:
              Jan 9, 2014: 
              Nov 15, 2013:
              • Tobi Golling: "Results on 3rd generation searches from ATLAS"
              Oct 24, 2013:
              • Yonit Hochberg and Rustem Ospanov: "Discussion about H->mumu and H->mutau searches: theory and experiment
              Sep 27, 2013:
              Aug 23, 2013:
              • Mike Hance: "Recent ATLAS results on new physics searches in multi-lepton final state
              July 26, 2013:
              • Simone Alioli: "New observable to measure the top-quark mass at hadron colliders”
              June 26, 2013:
              • Simone Alioli: “GENEVA Monte Carlo”
              • Calvin Berggren: “New observable to measure the top-quark mass at hadron colliders”
              March 21, 2013:
              • Wei-Ming Yao: “ Experimental highlights at Moriond-2013
              Feb 21, 2013:
              • Josh Ruderman: “Rare/Exotic Higgs decays” 
              Jan 24, 2013:
              • Sourabh Dube: “ATLAS results in tri-lepton searches”
              • Maurice Garcia-Sciveres: “Potential for W->pi+gamma measurement”
              September 21, 2012:
              • Sasha Pranko: “Brief overview of ATLAS analyses”
              • Michele Papucci: “Brief overview of theory studies”
              • Bill Quayle: "VBF and heavy Higgs searches"
              • Josh Ruderman: "Limits on non-degenerate squarks"
              June 26, 2011: 
              • Calvin Berggren; Developments of GENEVA Monte Carlo
              May 19, 2011: 
              • Gilly Elor and Tomer Volansky; Tracks with kinks
              April 21, 2011: 
              • Lina Galtieri and Christian Bauer; theoretical interpretation of the top quark mass measured at the Tevatron and now the LHC
              March 24, 2011: 
              • Jean-Francois Arguin; SUSY limits and top results presented recently at Winter conferences
              February 17, 2011: 
              December 2, 2010: 
              November 4, 2010: 
              October 14, 2010: 
              September 2, 2010: 
              • Beate Heinemann
              July 1, 2010: 
              • First ATLAS-Theory lunch: introduction