Freedman Fellowship

As you know we have suffered a major loss with the passing of Stuart Freedman. Stuart will be greatly missed, as much for his contributions to KamLAND and science in general as for his kind and human presence. In celebration of Stuart’s life and contributions to physics, his wife Joyce and his son Paul, together with the Department of Physics at UC Berkeley, have just established a memorial fellowship in Stuart’s honor, the Stuart J. Freedman Graduate Fellowship in Physics. When fully funded, this fellowship will be given to a top graduate student, with a preference for a female, who chooses to work in the fields of nuclear physics, atomic, or particle physics at UC Berkeley.

As many of you know, in addition to being a great scientist, Stuart was passionate about furthering the careers of women in physics. It is also appropriate that the fellowship recognize the diverse fields of his research. It is our hope that, in time, the fellowship will be fully endowed at $500,000, and will serve to recruit and support brilliant graduate students in physics. Our idea is that this would be a two-year fellowship, so that the recipient would be funded until she finds a spot within a research group. We hope and expect that a Freedman Fellowship will be considered an esteemed award.

For those of you who are interested in remembering Stuart in this way, please donate what you can. You can find more info about this program here:

To donate by credit card, following is the direct link to the Freedman Fellowship fund:

For those of you who are interested in remembering Stuart in this way, please donate what you can. To do this via check, make it out to "UC Foundation" with "Freedman Fellowship" in the memo line. Please send the endorsed check to:

Maria Hjelm
Development Officer
University of California, Berkeley
366 LeConte Hall
MC 7300
Berkeley, CA 94720 USA

If you wish to discuss with Maria other methods of payment (credit card, stock transfer, etc.) or how to pledge over time, please feel free to reach her at or (510) 642-5979.

Please contact Maria with any questions or concerns. Thank you for helping us honor Stuart and for aiding many deserving graduate students for years and years to come.