Honoring the 100th Birthday of Glenn T. Seaborg

April 21, 2012

University of California, Berkeley

Glenn T. Seaborg would have celebrated his 100th birthday on April 19, 2012. We are proudly honoring this event with a one-day symposium at UC Berkeley that will be part of the Campus CAL day celebrations.

We are inviting former colleagues, collaborators, postdocs, students, and the public to celebrate Professor Seaborg's life and his tremendous achievements in science, education, and politics.

The event starts at 8:00 a.m. with badging and morning refreshments. The session begins at 9:00 a.m. in the Pitzer Auditorium (120 Latimer Hall), followed by a 90-minute poster session (with strong student participation) during lunch, an afternoon session, and an evening reception at Bixby Commons.
Organizing Committee:
  • D.C. Hoffman (UC Berkeley and LBNL)
  • A.B. Kersting (LLNL)
  • G. Jarvinen (LANL)
  • H. Nitsche (UC Berkeley and LBNL)
  • D. K. Shuh (LBNL)

Invited Speakers:
  • R. J. Birgenau (Chancellor, UC Berkeley)
  • R. A. Mathies (Dean, Coll. of Chem., UCB)
  • D. M. Neumark (Chair, Dept. of Chem., UCB)
  • P. Alivisatos (Director, LBNL, and UCB)
  • T. Diaz de la Rubia (Division Director S&T, LLNL)
  • A. Migliori (Seaborg Institute Director, LANL)
  • J. Symons (Associate Lab Director, LBNL)
  • S. R. Leone (Director, CSD, LBNL, and UCB)


  • D.L. Clark (Director, LANL Institutes Office)
  • D. C. Hoffman (UCB and LBNL)
  • A. B. Kersting (Director, Seaborg Institute, LLNL)
  • W. Loveland (OSU)
  • D. J. Morrissey (MSU and NSSL)
  • M. Nacht (Public Policy, UCB)
  • R. J. Otto (Director (Retired), CSEE, LBNL)
  • J. O. Rasmussen (UCB and LBNL)
  • K. R. Raymond (UCB and LBNL)
  • D. A. Shaughnessy (LLNL)
  • D. K. Shuh (Director, Seaborg Center, LBNL)
  • K. Thomas (LANL)