Using the Facility

For those who want to run just a few samples, analytical service may be provided.
For those who want to use the facility occasionally, consider becoming a task-specific standard user (for sample loading and unloading, and data acquisition).
For those who want to use the facility regularly, for large sets of samples, consider becoming a fully authorized user.  

Access conditions
All users
  • Need to have a valid LBNL ID-card (as employee or as affiliate)
  • Have a valid LBNL project ID-number (consult your project leader)
  • Have completed the necessary safety training
    • Task-specific users (for sample loading and unloading, and data acquisition)

    • Fully authorized users (including ion source and Pelletron operation)

Access procedure
1. Check the Facility's Google Calendar for availability, and enter your name to the date and time desired.  The Calendar is set such that only users can make reservations. 
2. Task-specific users need to contact one of the fully authorized users in order to have the system ready for data acquisition.  The fully authorized user is responsible for setup and shutdown of the system, while task-specific users are responsible for sample loading, data acquisition, sample unloading, and communicating the timing of desired setup and shutdown.
As of 2017-08-01, the system has the following fully authorized users:
Andre Anders, (until 2017-08-25)
Thomas Schenkel,
Maribel Jaquez, 
        Yeonbae Lee,, 612-562-4003 (Mobile)
Additionally, Joe Wallig,, is fully qualified to setup and maintain the system.
3. When using the system, please enter your name and project ID information in the logbook, Excel Sheet on the computer's desk top. 
4. When done, please tell the fully authorized user to shut down the system.  The fully authorized user will typically shut down the Pelletron (i.e., the accelerator part) but keep the vacuum system and source plasma running (standby mode).

Room 53-008 is a Radiation-Controlled Area.  Key Card Access to 53-008 is granted to approved users.    For safety training and access, please contact Thomas Schenkel,