Machine Status

  • KMYu: Feb 11, 2011: RBS machine is working perfectly
  • KMYu: Feb 16, 2011: RBS panel shut down in the morning, affecting roughing pumps operation.  This takes roughly 1 hour and hopefully do not affect the turbos
  • KMYu: Feb 16, 2011: RBS chamber did not rough down <800 mT for high vac to open.  Temporarily, the auto is set to ~900 mT for hi-vac valve to open.  Eventually, the roughing pump need to be rebuilt.  We have the rebuild kit for the pump. 
  • KMYu: Feb. 18, 2011: Roughing pump for chamber is running slow.  Schedule for rebuild next Friday 2/25
  • KMYu: Feb. 25, 2011: roughing pump rebuilt, pumped down to 100 mT rather quickly.  But the roughing pump always runs in full speed.  We will use it in this mode and try to find out from Pfeiffer what the problem is.
  • KMYu: March 2, 2011: all pumps working normally now.
  • KMYu: March 11, 2011: probe current too high to operate.  Replaced quartz bottle, insulator and canal and Al adapter (new).  Probe current became too low and only ~-0.4 uA injector current on cup 1
  • S Lim: Mar 31, 2011: Vented entire system to Ar to fix a possible leak at the source. Pumped down for most of the day.
  • S. Lim 1 Apr, 2011: Plasma was leave on all night, and is in very good shape. The LE pressure is still very "touchy" LE: 2uamp, and HE: 0.6uamp
  • KMYu: April 6, 2011, Source switched back to He gas from H, probe current too hight o operate.  It was suspected that most Rb was either oxidized coating the inside of the source.  Vented the entire system with Ar and rebuild source.  Found a burnt O-ring at the valve. Replaced the O-ring and the valve worked fine.  
  • KMYu April 12, 2011: Source behaves normally, injector current lower than before (0.9uA).  Machine runs normally.
  • KMYu Jan 5, 2012: rebuild source
  • KMYu March 15, 2012: source behaved erratically