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Third Workshop on Programming Abstractions for Data Locality (PADAL'16)

The first PADAL workshop, held in Lugano-Switzerland, compiled an exploratory report contributed by all 30+ participants to define challenges and open research areas on data locality. The second PADAL workshop, held in Berkeley, CA, submitted a survey journal on data locality abstractions to IEEE TPDS. We extend our thanks to all contributors to the PADAL articles.The goal of this workshop is to focus on missing pieces in the previous workshops and also discuss already mature APIs that found their way into the real life applications. 

This year’s workshop will be more focused towards

  1. Data locality abstractions already applied to real life applications

  2. Locality abstractions for accelerators

  3. Locality abstractions for emerging memory technologies

  4. Performance modeling for assessing data locality

Important Dates:

   Workshop: October 24-26, 2016

   The workshop will be held at RIKEN Advanced Institute for Computational Science (RIKEN AICS)  in Kobe, Japan. 

Anshu Dubey, Argonne National Laboratory, Illinois, USA
Didem Unat, Koç University, Istanbul, Turkey
John Shalf, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, California, USA
Naoya Maruyama, RIKEN Advanced Institute for Computational Science, Kobe, Japan
Torsten Hoefler, ETH Zürich, Switzerland