OSG-ESnet Identity Management Workshops

These 2.5 days of workshops in Madison, WI are composed of three parts.
  • Day 1 - Living in an Evolving Identity Environment (Nov. 9)
  • Day 2 - OSG Stakeholder Identity Requirements (Nov. 10)
  • Day 3 - Summary Report Outline (Nov. 11, am)

Detailed Agenda and associated materials is on TWiki at https://twiki.grid.iu.edu/bin/view/Security/OsgEsnetIdMgmtNov09

Tiny URL for this page http://tiny.cc/8AF73.

Living in an Evolving Identity Environment (Nov. 9)

Abstract: Shibboleth, OpenID, and various other technologies are providing new ways to federate or integrate identity management "walled gardens" at sites and internet services.  What do these technologies really offer to Grid computing? Are they just fads or are they based on fundamentally new concepts? How their base concepts differ from what we have in grid computing today: the changes in trust fabric, the usage requirements, and the access models? How can Grid computing take advantage of these new identity protocols?
 What is needed to inter-operate with them securely and at what cost?  This workshop will take a broad
look  at the (inter)network identity landscape, examining not only the current trends including OpenID, Shibboleth, their rivals, and complementary technologies, but also the fundamental concepts behind these technologies.

How about a status report on NIM (Network Identity Manager from MIT Kerberos w/ FNAL collaboration)? V2 is supposed to include X509 +.

Attendees: Jim Basney (CILogon), John Volmer (DOE PKI, DOEGrids PMA), Rachana Ananthakrishnan (ESG OpenID), Dave Kelsey (WLCG), Gabriele Garzoglio, Warren Anderson and/or Scott Koranda (LIGO IdM plan),. John McGee, Keith Chadwick
Miron L., Ruth P, Mike H., Dhiva M., Bill J., Mine A., Doug O., Igor S., Rob Q.

Schedule: 9am - 6pm on Nov. 9, 2009, CS building room 4310.

OSG Stakeholder Identity Requirements Workshop (Nov. 10)

Abstract: Collect, assess and describe the identity and membership management needs of the communities participating in OSG. Recognizing that identity and membership management is primarily for managing the privileges people have for job execution and data access and manipulation, we will want to understand the workflows and  privilege assignments that groups need to perform. Understand how sites' access requirements and local security regulations would shape these needs. Understand the differences in requirements among a heterogeneous set of sites, universities, DOE labs, NSF centers. Understand how these requirements would overlap into the VO and end user domain. 
In addition to general credential management issues.

Attendees: John Hover, Burt Holtzman, Warren Anderson and/or Scott Koranda, Jeff Porter, John McGee, John Volmer, Keith Chadwick, Dave Kelsey
Miron L., Ruth P, Mike H., Dhiva M., Bill J., Mine A., Doug O., Igor S., Rob Q.
Schedule: 9am - 6pm on Nov. 10, 2009

Homework assignment for OSG stakeholders bringing requirements,
please fill out this survey.

Summary Report Outline (Nov. 11)

Prepare outline and writing assignments for the summary report from these workshops.

Attendees: OSG and ESnet staff
Schedule: 9am - 1pm on Nov. 11, 2009

Meeting Logistics

Held in Madison, WI on November 9,10,11, 2009.
Nov. 9, 10 - CS building, room 4310, 9am-5pm (nominally)
Nov. 11 - CS building, room 4259, 9am - noonish.
Nearby hotels.
Directions to the CS Department.

Telephone/video details for remote participation/viewing.
We will use the ESnet ad-hoc video for the Madison workshop
Nov. 9-11, 2009.
Meeting ID 827248

By telephone, dial (510)883-7860, 827248#