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General Travel Tips

First time traveler? - Find information on the Travel Office's website HERE or contact Jasmine Harris at JAHarris@lbl.gov or 510-486-6303

Personal Days on Travel - Note that weekdays vs. weekends do not apply when on travel - there are only business days or personal days.

  • Domestic: Current policy states that there is a 1 business day to 1 personal day ratio for all domestic travel.  If you are over this ratio, please contact the division office.
  • Foreign: Current policy states that there is a 2 business days to 1 personal day ratio (round half days down) for all foreign travel.  When calculating personal days use the following notes, but if you are unsure, contact travelhelp@lbl.gov:
    • All days for which Berkeley Lab-related work occurs are business days
    • Each travel day is considered a business day (note overnight flights only count as 1 business day, not 2)
    • If traveling to two locations with 3 or less days between, those days are "floaters" which are fully reimbursable days, but do not count toward the ratio of business days to personal days
    • If traveling to two locations with more than 3 days between, personal days must be used to justify the length of non-business days

What do I do if a traveler cannot fly coach/economy due to a health limitation?

  • Employees - According to the travel policy, travelers are able to get an exemption with permission of the Berkeley Lab Site Occupational Medical Director and their Division Director.
  • Guests - It is possible to accommodate such request if a doctor's note from the guest is provided indicating the limitation. This note has to be submitted to the Berkeley Lab Site Occupational Medical Director together with a memo from the host's Division Director requesting the exception. The Berkeley Lab Site Occupational Medical Director will review and if approved, the travel office will issue the ticket.

All guest travelers can only be reimbursed by CHECK.  The check will be sent to the mailstop of the most recent travel arranger listed on the guest's information in the travel system.  It will be the responsibility of the arranger to distribute the check to the traveler.

Corporate Charge Card applications are submitted to the Travel Office.  You can find more information HERE

Updated Traveler Profile Form is available through the Travel Office website (HERE) and is emailed to Carlson (email address on form).  No Personal Identifying Information (PII) is collected until the profile is built in Concur at which point that info can be added.

What to do if the project ID used for your travel authorization closes before submitting the expense report:

  • Local - No problem since you can't to a local travel authorization!
  • Domestic - You can change the project ID when creating the expense report.  This can be done even if you have already done a pre-trip expense report!
  • Foreign - You will need to contact Elijah Walker at the Travel Office and your budget analyst as soon as you are aware that this could be an issue.  With written approval from the Teresa Calarco, Division Operations, attached to the expense report, you can change the project ID in TREX.

Lodging and M&IE cannot be claimed on a supplemental expense report. Under special circumstances as an exception, they can be claimed under Miscellaneous expense type, with justification.

US Territories are considered domestic for travel purposes.  These include:

  • American Samoa
  • Guam
  • Northern Mariana Islands
  • Puerto Rico
  • U.S. Virgin Islands
Canada and Mexico are considered foreign travel locations.