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Local Travel Information

When can local travel be input as a Domestic Travel Authorization (TA)?  There are a few situations when what really is local travel requires a TA or even lodging charges:

  • If you need to request a Pre-Payment Expense Report (ER), you will have to have a TA.  Local travel does not allow for TAs, so they must be entered into TREX as domestic travel with notes in the comments section about why the local travel is being put on a domestic TA.  Be sure to zero out lodging and M&IE for the trip on the ER as local travel doesn't allow for these except in those few situations for which it can be allowed (M&IE if the full day is over 12 hours and lodging with divisional approval).
  • If your trip is within 150 miles it is considered local travel, but sometimes due to the time of traveling, lodging at the business location is preferred.  This is allowable with divisional approval from Teresa Calarco, Division Operations.  The ER will have to be processed as domestic travel since local ERs will not allow lodging costs and be sure to note in the comments about the approval.

If you have a traveler going on multiple local trips to the same location within one (1) month, you can combine then onto one Local Travel Expense Report.  You must delete the rows on the leg screen for days which travel did not occur. Example: Traveler goes to Stanford on the 4th and 11th of Feb. 2015.  Create a Local Travel Expense Report with a start date of 2/4/15 and end date of 2/11/15.  Each day will show up as it's own leg, so remove the days for which travel did not occur.

Withholding's (taxes) on local M&IE: Travelers on local travel which exceeds 12 hours in a single day are allowed to claim up to 75% of the M&IE for the location.  This is not considered a reimbursement, but additional income when claimed.  Due to this, withholding's for income taxes are taken on the next paycheck after the reimbursement is paid.