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Foreign Travel Information

Foreign travel to many countries has specific requirements.  Be sure to check the Travel Office's Foreign Travel Information Center.

Visa requirement information: Note that there are different contacts for Visas depending on if the traveler in coming to the US or departing from the US.

  • For travelers coming to the US, please contact Ben Ortega in IRSO at x6326 or BOrtega@lbl.gov.
  • For travelers departing from the US, please contact Sarah Lyons from Carlson (she is a dedicated Visa assistant) at (925)422-1345 or SLyons@carlsonwagonlit.com.

It is the traveler's responsibility that visa requirements are met prior to travel.

Personal Days on Foreign Travel: Current policy states that there is a 2 business days to 1 personal day ratio (round half days down) for all foreign travel.  When calculating personal days use the following notes, but if you are unsure, contact travelhelp@lbl.gov:

  • All days for which Berkeley Lab-related work occurs are business days
  • Each travel day is considered a business day (note overnight flights only count as 1 business day, not 2)
  • If traveling to two locations with 3 or less days between, those days are "floaters" which are fully reimbursable days, but do not count toward the ratio of business days to personal days
  • If traveling to two locations with more than 3 days between, personal days must be used to justify the length of non-business days
  • For detailed Foreign travel information including country specific requirements, please see the Travel Office's Foreign Travel Information Center.