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Welcome to MSD Property

What is Property?

Anything purchased on Berkeley Lab funding is owned by Berkeley Lab on behalf of the Department of Energy.  It is the responsibility of the custodian for LBNL property to ensure it is accounted for and maintained.  Berkeley Lab applies unique barcode tags to Equipment items costing $10K or more (Controlled) and items that are Attractive by definition, highly portable, easily converted to personal use and more susceptible to theft than other property regardless of cost.  Property costing less than $10K and not sensitive by definition is tagged, when appropriate, with an orange tag identifying it as “LBNL/DOE U.S. Government Property”.  Such property is called Administratively Controlled Property.

The MSD Property Management team ensures effective and efficient management of government assets within the division. By working directly with Berkeley Lab Property Management and our division staff, we can simultaneously supports the needs of Berkeley Lab and the DOE by overseeing end to end management of assets.

Questions? Email Jasmine Harris, Materials Sciences’ Property Coordinator at JAHarris@lbl.gov

Important: DON'T THOW IT AWAY OR GIVE IT AWAY!  Do not make loans, transfers or disposal decisions without first consulting MSD Property.  You will be responsible for missing/lost items and such missing or lost items can have a significant impact on Berkeley Lab.

Asset Custodianship: The Property’s Custodian is defined as: The person responsible for maintaining accurate records of all DOE tagged equipment including locations, service records, users, items on loan or out for service repairs.

Additionally, it is the custodian’s responsibility to report lost, stolen or damaged property to MSD Property in a timely manner. Contact JAHarris@lbl.gov to report all losses (including thefts), damage or destruction of personal property immediately.  If the property is computer hardware (desktop or laptop computer, portable hard drive or other IT related items) in addition to contacting JAHarris@lbl.gov, the custodian should report the loss immediately to site security through the form here.


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