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Welcome to MSD Procurement

The MSD Procurement team supports Berkeley Lab’s mission by providing researchers and staff with professional, timely services and expertise.

Questions? Email us at RMWilliams@lbl.gov

Know before you request:

For all procurement requests, individuals must be familiar with the MSD and Berkeley Lab policies.  It is the purchaser’s responsibility to be familiar with the Berkeley Lab’s Procurement Standard Practices (SPs) Manual. Procurement operates under these established policies and procedures.

Contract Agreements: Only those who have delegated Procurement authority may enter into contracts, modify contracts, terminate contracts or contractually bind Berkeley Lab for the purchase of goods or services.

Avoid Unauthorized Procurement: Do not make a commitment (signed or verbally approve) without prior approval!  Unauthorized procurement is subject to disciplinary action and you may be personally responsible for payment of charges incurred. See HERE (scroll down to the Unauthorized Procurement section).

Examples of unauthorized procurement include but are not limited to:

  • Services: Executing repairs on campus housed equipment without securing a Berkeley Lab P.O. in advance
  • Goods: Placing an order with a vendor without going through the MSD and/or Berkeley Lab procurement process
  • Contracts: Signing contracts on behalf of Berkeley Lab

Did you know...
  • The lowest procurement burden is applied to items purchased through the eBuy Marketplace (3%)!  Other methods can vary from 11% up to 25% in procurement burden.
  • eBuy Marketplace is continually expanding to include more vendors.

How to look up requisitions: See this document


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