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Welcome to MSD Time Keeping

Be Green! Be sure to enter your work hours electronically to save time and paper!

March Time Card Sweep Dates:
Bi-Weekly: 3/1, 3/5, 3/12, 3/19, 3/26, 4/2
Monthly: 3/27
All LBNL employees (including GSRAs) must enter their own time into LETS (Lab Employee Time System) and release it for approval prior to the sweep date for the employee type.

Be sure to not only release your timecard in LETS, but to also click on the Confirm button to actually submit it!

How do I enter my time in LETS? Go HERE for instructions

How do I approve my employees' time in LETS? Go HERE for instructions

Time Card Sweeps: Employee time is swept on regular intervals in order to ensure accurate pay checks.  Employees must enter and release their time cards prior to these deadlines and should allow time for their supervisor to approve the time cards as well.

  • Bi-weekly paid employee time cards are swept on each Monday at 12pm.  If a new month begins mid-week, there will also be an additional sweep on the 1st of the month for the last few days of the prior month.
  • Monthly paid employee time cards are swept a few days prior to the end of the month at 12pm.  This date is not consistent from month to month based on what day the end of the month falls on and where it is in relation to the weekend.  Please note the "How to find sweep dates" section below.

How to find sweep dates: Log into LETS using the link below and click on the "Sweep Dates" link in the upper right corner of the screen.

What if I miss the sweep deadline?  If you miss the sweep deadline, you will need to submit a signature report (even if the time entered needs to be changed) to the division Time Keeper (Noah Schwartz).  A correction may also need to be processed if your time card is not accurate to the actual hours/days for that time card.

  • Signature Reports: Once the sweep passes an email will arrive in your lbl email with a PDF attached.  This is the signature report and will have pages for any unreleased time cards (or unapproved time cards for approvers).  The PDF must be printed out, signed and mailed to Noah at MS 66R0200.  LBNL policy requires that you mail in the copy with the original/wet signature.
  • Corrections: If you time card was swept with incorrect information, please contact Noah ASAP so she can assist with processing a LETS Correction so fix the errors and ensure you are paid the correct number of hours.

GSRAs: Please note that your hourly rate and percentage of full time employment are determined by your program on UCB Campus and LBNL has no role in determining those numbers nor adjusting them.  Please follow the instructions above and use the information for basis-5 employees.  You must account for all of the hours noted in LETS with a combination of regular work time or leave (not you have a limited availability for these).

How to access your timecard: 

  1. Go to lets.lbl.gov in your web browser (Firefox, Chrome and Safari are recommended). 
  2. Login using your Berkeley Lab account (aka LDAP, which is the same as your Berkeley Lab email login). 
  3. You should now be at the Employee Time Entry screen. 

(If you do not have a Berkeley Lab Identity/LDAP account, you may request one by calling the Help Desk at x4357 or by filling out the form at LBL Account Requests

How to add Project IDs & Activity IDs to Favorites: 

To assist you in remembering the project ID/activity ID to which you will be charging your work hours, you can save them to your Favorites by following the below instructions: 

  1. On your Time Entry screen, click on the last yellow tab labeled “Maintain Favorites”. 
  2. Enter your project ID and activity ID and click the Add button. 
  3. It should now show in the below list of favorites along with the descriptions for those codes. 
  4. You can also remove a favorite at any time by clicking the Delete button for that row.

Contact: Rosemary Williams, Division Time KeeperRMWilliams@lbl.gov, 510-495-2645

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