Ergo Training

EHS0059- Ergonomics Self-assessment for Computer Users

  • Required training for guests and employees who work 4 or more hours on the computer
  • Web-based self-evaluation of postures and work habits (~45 minute course).
  • Includes training on good computer use techniques and rest breaks
  • Provides personal risk profile (high/moderate/low) and recommendations to improve your ergonomics
  • Self Assessment Checklist is available

EHS0058- Ergonomics Self-assessment “Refresher”

  • After completing EHS0059 self-assessment & training, EHS0058, the “refresher” is required annually
  • A 10-minute self-assessment of postures and habits that does not include ergo training
  • Provides individual risk profile and recommendations to improve your ergonomics

EHS0062- WorkSmart Ergonomics

  • Required training for all employees who regularly lift items of 20 pounds or more on the job on a regular basis
  • One hour course on manual handling/lifting techniques and body mechanics to avoid work-related injuries.

EHS0056-Ergo Material Handling and Body Mechanics in Labs

  • This  15 minute on-line course was developed in partnership with Ergo Team and Chemical Material Sciences for short term guests to provide basic information about ISM, lab safety culture, and importance of using proper body mechanics while doing material handling in labs.  This video may also contain relevant content for other Divisions.

Custom Ergonomics Workshops

  • Custom training on topics such as Manual Material Handling, Hand Tools, Lab Ergo (e.g.  Pipette Use) can be scheduled for individual groups at their work site
  • Available by contacting Ergo Team x5818  or with your individual training requirements

1 Minute 4 Safety Slides

  • A single slide format that offers helpful information & techniques covering a range of topics to improve your ergonomics, i.e., laptop use, mouse use, monitor placement, arm support, rest breaks and managing your work load

Speech Recognition Training

  • EH&S offers orientation for those interested in using Speech Recognition software (e.g., Dragon NaturallySpeaking) for employees using Windows and Mac computers. Further training is essential for productive use of this software, and is available from outside vendors. Contact Melanie Alexandre  for questions and personalized assistance in determining if speech recognition is right for you.