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Keyboarding Tips

Keying Technique… floating and pivoting

Good keying/mousing technique can reduce stresses on the wrists, arms and elbows. It can also minimize static loads on the shoulders to ensure good blood flow to the extremities.

  • Float your hands and arms while keying or pivot the mid-forearms on armrest or work surface
  • Avoid planting your palms/wrists or bearing weight on elbows while keying and mousing
  • Keep your wrists straight…minimize bending the wrists up/down or inward/outward
  • Keep an open elbow angle at 120 degrees or more…avoid tighter than 90 degrees
  • Take 5 minute breaks from your computer at least once per hour…stretch or walk
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Float the hands with arms at sides and keyboard set low over your lap

Pivot the forearms on chair armrest and float the hands

Pivot the forearms on the desktop or on a forearm board and float the hands
AVOID! Planting the wrists while keying