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Break Reminders

Whether you use a PC, Mac, or Unix/Linux we have break reminder resources for you.  It is important to take frequent mini-breaks throughout the day to provide your body an opportunity to recharge both your mind and body.  You may think that you do not have time to take a break, but think again.  Studies have shown people who take mini-breaks are actually more productive and feel better.  Please contact for assistance in customizing your break reminder program.

For Mac or Windows Users
RSI Guard Download Highly recommended break reminder software. Go to "Remedy Interactive" and select appropriate version (Windows/Mac)

For Unix/Linux Users
Workrave Download at:/usr/bin/workrave

Workrave Tutorial (for UNIX/Linux users)

Research article on effectiveness of taking breaks

Follow the 20/20/20 Vision Break
Every 20 Minutes Take 20 Seconds to Look 20 Feet Away

A simple, but helpful tool for reminders when NOT working on a computer (e.g., at a lab bench or microscope) can include alarms on phones or watches or even a simple timer.  (Example shown Polder Digital Timer with Vibrating Alarm)

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