All the items for sale at the LBNL Holiday Craft Fair are handmade by the artists. 

  Kelly Palkki

  Linda Suarez
 Handmade papercraft items: holiday cards, tags, stocking stuffers, and decor

 Jacqueline Bell
 Hand crafted jewelry, key rings.

  Kirk McCarthy
 Niobium Jewelry and Titanium Clocks


 Neda Busler

 Wire wrapped natural crystal jewelry and small terrariums
 Chris Byrne


 Berkeley Backyard Bees Local honey
  just the way the bees make it !


 Pam Frantz  Jams and Jellies

 Hand Blown Glass Pumpkins


 Karen Lingua  Christmas ornaments
 Small acrylic paintings

 Betsy Quayle  Ceramics and fused glass

 Yvette Irwin  Jewelry
 Photo Cards
 Other crafty things (!)

 Yu-Hang Tang  Photography

 Petra Wehle Wool and cashmere fingerless gloves

 Sarah Smith
 James Edson
 Wooden items such as cutting boards, bowls, pens, and magnetic bottle openers


 Robin Chiang  Bird Books

 A is for Albatross, Birds A to Z

 Written by Rosalie Chiang and illustrated by Robin and Rosalie Chiang


 Glenn Roberts  Retro / vintage tiki bar / island-themed art


 Homemade fudge and date cakes
 Lisa Sowle

 Jewelry using gemstones, sterling silver, fine silver, copper and small amounts of gold
 Joanna Santoro  Fused glass plates


 Laura Chen  Homemade Desserts and Candied-Apple Slices

 Robert Stokstad  

Functional items made from recycled horseshoes 
(door knockers, candelabras, hanging hooks, bookends, etc).