All the items for sale at the LBNL Holiday Craft Fair are handmade by the artists. 

 Kelly Palkki

 John Christensen

 Andrew Wiedlea  Science-IT Program Services Information (no sales, just great info!)

 Robert Fairchild II
 Handmade soap


 Allison Huey
 Original artwork
  (Cards, postcards and larger prints)



 Zephyr Bowman  Handmade pet clothing
 Small paintings
 Holiday gifts
 Complimentary cookies

 Barbara Walters  Quilted Christmas ornaments


 Bert and Mary Ann
 de Jong
 Metal (silver and copper) and glass work jewelry pieces


 Amanda Espiritu  Desserts and earrings

 Jacqueline Bell  Hand crafted jewelry, key rings.

 Kirk McCarthy  Niobium Jewelry and Titanium Clocks


 Pam Frantz  Jams and Jellies

Ribbon Roses


 Karen Lingua  Christmas ornaments
 Small acrylic paintings

 Yvette Irwin  Jewelry
 Photo Cards
 Other crafty things (!)

 Lisa Sowle  Jewelry using gemstones, sterling silver, fine silver, copper and small amounts of gold


 Heather Edgar  Jewelry and Photography

 Tanya Edgar  Succulent plants


 Sinead Griffin  Original art work and prints


 Jennifer Tang  
 Tote Bags, Pouches, Hand-sewn goods


 Laura Chen  Homemade Desserts

  Robert Stokstad  
Functional items made from recycled horseshoes 
(door knockers, candelabras, hanging hooks, bookends, etc).





 Lucinda Page  Jewelry