Mission Statement:

The charter of the Lambda Alliance is to enhance the work environment at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer, and questioning employees and allies (LGBTIQQA). Our goal is to promote an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere, enhance policies of non-discrimination, create guidance for institutional processes, identify and address emerging issues or challenges, increase visibility and awareness, and recognize achievements impacting our community.

"In the early 1970s, graphic designer Tom Doerr selected the Greek letter lambda to be the symbol of the New York chapter of the Gay Activists Alliance. The alliance's literature states that Doerr chose the symbol specifically for its denotative meaning in the context of chemistry and physics: “a complete exchange of energy--that moment or span of time witness to absolute activity,". Within the STEM field, the lambda symbol is associated with the half-life parameter of exponential random variables, which describes the time it takes for a state to change.

In December 1974, the lambda was officially declared the international symbol for gay and lesbian rights by the International Gay Rights Congress in Edinburgh, Scotland. The gay rights organization Lambda Legal and the American Lambda Literary Foundation derive their names from this symbol."

Berkeley Lab has recently released Workplace Gender Transition Guidelines! Click here to learn more.

Pride Month 2015

Recent and Upcoming Events:

Lambda Alliance Events

    The LAMBDA Alliance and LAMBDA ERG hosted Pride Month!

    Below is a list of the activities held:

    • We held a kick-off flag raising on Tuesday, May 31st at building 65 at Noon
    • Lambda Coffee Hour on June 8th, 2:30 - 3:30 PM at LBNL Cafeteria - open to the entire Lab. 
    • Offsite Happy Hour on June 10th at the White Horse Inn at 5pm (no host)
    • Movie screening of The Danish Girl on June 14th in the building 50 Auditorium at 11:30 AM
    • Lambda Coffee Hour at the Joint Genome Institute,  Room 149B, 2800 Mitchell Dr, Walnut Creek.  June 21st at 11:30 AM - Open to everyone at the JGI.
    • Resource Fair up on June 22nd on the Cafeteria 'lawn' area during the lunch hour.  Come and meet your local resource groups for your area and see what services they offer
      • Confirmed attendance by the following groups
        • Rainbow Community Center of Contra Costa County
        • The Pacific Center in Berkeley
        • UC Berkeley Employee Assistance
      • Pending confirmations from:
        • Spectrum LGBT Center in San Rafael
        • Our Family Coalition
        • UCB Gender Equity Resource Center
        • Transgender Law Center
    • Berkeley Lab's Pride Month Networking Event on June 23rd at 5pm in Building 59-3101
      • Network with the Diversity and Inclusion Council, Women Scientists and Engineers Council, Lab managers, and employees; share the ERG's activities for the next fiscal year; and help the Lab community understand the needs of the LGBT population in the workplace;
      • There will be a membership campaign to broaden the member base and increase participation in upcoming activities and events;
      • We will also announce the launch of Berkeley Lab's Workplace Transition Guidelines for transgender employees, and share the roll-out plan for this best practice.
    • LGBTQ Giants Night at AT&T Park on June 24th at 7:15PM
      • Attendees will receive an event hat and have the honor of seeing our group welcome on the scoreboard!
      • There are only 12 tickets remaining.
    • Diversity and Inclusion Brown Bag with Division D&I Committee Members on June 27th in the building 66 Auditorium at Noon
    • Encore screening of The Danish Girl on June 29th in the building 66 Auditorium at 11:30 AM
    • Pride month wrap up meeting on June 30th at Noon in 54-130 Pers. Hall