IWXM 2015 - International Workshop on X-Ray Optics and Metrology

July 14-16, 2015  -  Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory  -  Berkeley, California  USA

The International Workshop on X-ray Optics and Metrology (IWXM 2015) will be held at the Advanced Light Source (ALS) in Berkeley, California, USA as a satellite meeting of SRI 2015. The workshop will provide a forum for presentation and discussion of the latest information and achievements in X-ray optics, especially mirror optics. The meeting will introduce new concepts, equipment, and products, as well as highlight recent advances in X-ray optics and optical systems. Presentations on emerging needs, progress reports, and topical reviews covering the following and related topics are solicited. Contributors from related companies are also invited to exchange information on recent developments and fabrication capabilities. Within the workshop, the second award in memory of Giovanni Sostero will be assigned to a distinguished person in the field of metrology for synchrotron, FEL, or astronomical X-ray optics. 

THANK YOU to all of the attendees and sponsors for making IWXM 2015 a success!   (IWXM Workshop Panel)


Total Attendees: 87

Workshop Sponsors: 13

Poster Presentations: 14

Presented Talks: 42

The Giovanni Sostero Award was presented to Frank Siewert (HZB, Germany) 
For having pushed the limit of X-ray metrology to unprecedented level and for his collaborative and constructive support to the international community.
Congratulations Frank!

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IWXM 2015 Workshop Chair Panel:

Lahsen Assoufid (APS, ANL, USA; assoufid@aps.anl.gov)
Daniele Cocco (LCLS, SLAC, USA; cocco@slac.stanford.edu)
Kenneth Goldberg (CXRO, LBNL, USA; kagoldberg@lbl.gov)
Stefan Hau-Riege (LLNL, USA; hauriege1@llnl.gov)
Mourad Idir (NSLS-II, BNL, USA; midir@bnl.gov)
Frank Siewert (HZB/BESSY-II, Germany; frank.siewert@helmholtz-berlin.de) 
Kazuto Yamauchi (Osaka University, Japan; yamauchi@prec.eng.osaka-u.ac.jp)
Valeriy Yashchuk (ALS, LBNL, USA; VVYashchuk@lbl.gov)

IWXM 2015 Program Committee:

Ray Barrett (ESRF; barrett@esrf.fr)
Kawal Sawhney (Diamond; Kawal.Sawhney@diamond.ac.uk)
Uwe Flechsig (PSI; uwe.flechsig@psi.ch)
Ralf Geckeler (PTB; Ralf.Geckeler@ptb.de)
Mikhail Gubarev (NASA; mikhail.v.gubarev@nasa.gov)
Muriel Thomasset (SOLEIL; muriel.thomasset@synchrotron-soleil-fr)
Josep Nicolas (ALBA; josep.nicolas@cells.es)
Haruhiko Ohashi (SPring-8; hohashi@spring8.or.jp)
Mark Roper (STFC; mark.roper@stfc.ac.uk) 
Daniele Spiga (INAF - Osservatorio Astronomico di Brera; daniele.spiga@brera.inaf.it)
Peter Takacs (BNL; takacs@bnl.gov)
Maurizio Vannoni (European XFEL; maurizio.vannoni@xfel.eu)
Marco Zangrando (ELETTRA; marco.zangrando@elettra.trieste.it)
Francois Polack (SOLEIL; francois.polack@synchrotron-soleil.fr)
Amparo Vivo (ESRF; vivo@esrf.fr)

IWXM 2015 Workshop Secretariat:

Jason Templer (ALS, LBNL; JETempler@lbl.gov)
Ian Lacey (ALS, LBNL; ILacey@lbl.gov)
Gary Centers (ALS, LBNL: GPCenters@lbl.gov)

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