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Manuscripts of work presented at ISDEIV are published in two different formats:

  1. Short, non-reviewed manuscripts are published  in Proceedings available to the participants at the beginning of each symposium.
  2. Selected and expanded manuscripts were peer-reviewed and published in one of the two IEEE Transactions:

Note: Due to a policy changed of the Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation Society, Special Issues in IEEE Trans. DEI are now decoupled from meetings like the ISDEIV. Authors are encouraged to submit updated and expanded manuscripts to IEEE Trans. DEI as Regular Papers.  As is customary, journal manuscripts must not be identical to already published papers. 

No change is planned for the "Special Issue on Vacuum Discharges" of IEEE Trans. Plasma Science.

    ISDEIV Publication Policy

    1) The length of Proceedings manuscripts shall be limited to 4 pages for Contributed Papers and 6 pages for Invited Papers.  The limitation may be waived for the Dyke Award Paper.  Printed Proceedings are distributed to participants at the beginning of the Symposium.  That implies that authors submit publication-ready manuscripts to the local organizing committee (LOC) about 10 weeks prior to the symposium.  Details are to be determined and announced by the LOC.  The LOC  should make extensive use of the internet as a preferred communications medium.

    2) The LOC is responsible for instructing authors about format and limitations of proceedings manuscripts. The cost of publication in proceedings is part of the Symposium's budget.

    3) Authors who are interested in having a manuscript published in the Special Issue of IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science are required to submit a full manuscript via IEEE's web portal after the symposium. The URL for IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science is  . There will be no pre-selection process.  The full journal manuscript must not be identical to the proceedings manuscript and must be prepared following the style requirements of IEEE Transactions).   It is permissible that submission to the Special Issue include contributions that were not presented at the symposium.  Further instructions such as deadlines will be provided by Guest Editors and published on the LOC's web site.  The Guest Editor(s) is (are) appointed by the Editor-in-chief upon recommendation by PISC.

    4) Authors who are interested in having a manuscript published in the IEEE Transactions on Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation are advised to submit their manuscript as a regular paper.

    5) The primary responsibility of covering the cost of publishing in IEEE Transaction on Plasma Science lies with the author's institution.   IEEE TPS requires a page charge of $110 per printed page (as of Oct. 2008 - possibly subject to change).  The Editor-in-Chief of IEEE TPS may waive the charge for the first five pages of a paper at the author's request.  To support the publications in IEEE TPS, the LOC plans a publication subsidy in its symposium budget.