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Best Paper Award - Japan Prize

The ISDEIV Best Paper Award – Japan Prize was established during the 2006 ISDEIV in Matsue, Japan.  Arranged by the Japanese Local Organizing Committee, funds were pooled from various sponsors to establish this award recognizing the best, most significant contribution presented during the symposium.  Since one would not know before the end of the symposium which presentation deserves this honor, the recipient is selected after the symposium and the award is presented at the next symposium.  The first award was given in 2008.


The “ISDEIV Best Paper Award – Japan Prize” is given in recognition of the most significant contribution of the past Symposium of ISDEIV.  Significance will be judged by scientific or technological novelty and the likely impact on the fields of electrical discharges and electrical insulation in vacuum.  Special attention will be paid to innovative ideas and breakthrough findings.  One “ISDEIV Best Paper Award – Japan Prize” will be given at each symposium to an individual or a team of authors.  


- Dietmar Gentsch and Sharyanto (awarded in 2008)

Sergej Popov, Alexander Batrakov, Ralf Methling, Dirk Uhrlandt, and Klaus-Dieter Weltmann (awarded in 2010 for a 2008 paper)

- Y. Zhang, X. Yao, Z. Liu, Y. Geng, and P. Liu (awarded in 2014 for a 2012 paper)

- Gennady A. Mesyats and Igor V. Uimanov (awarded in 2016 for a 2014 paper)    


a. Formal requirements

The contributions must be

(a)  presented at the symposium and

(b)  included in the Proceedings of the symposium in award-worthy quality.

(c)   An altered and expanded version of the symposium contribution is required to be accepted for publication in a peer reviewed journal as determined by PISC.  As of 2012, IEEE Transactions of Plasma Science (TPS) and IEEE Transactions of Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation (DEI) continue to be the designated peer-reviewed journals.  Authors of TPS Special Issue will be automatically considered.  Authors of manuscripts to DEI are requested to inform the Chair of the Awards Committee, Prof. Rene Smeets (, of the acceptance of manuscript.  This will help the committee to not overlook candidates.

 b. Nomination and review; eligibility

One contribution and one alternate will be nominated by the Awards Committee, a subcommittee of PISC.  The Awards Committee will consult with the IEEE Guest Editors and PISC members.  PISC members or Award Committee members who are nominated are excluded from any further discussions of the nomination and selection process.

c. Recommendation

The nominated contribution and the possible alternate will be recommended by the Award Committee to PISC for final confirmation and approval.

d. Selection

The PISC will make the final determination at its "interim meeting" (via e-mail or phone conference) between the Symposia.  The Chair and Secretary of PISC are responsible for the organizing this meeting.


The Award will consist of

(i) a plaque,

(ii) a monetary (cash) award,

(iii) limited travel support.

The cash award and the travel support must be consistent with the available designated funds as determined by the PISC treasurer.  The PISC treasurer will give an appropriate recommendation to PISC about the amount of the award and he is responsible for providing the check at the Award Ceremony.  If the Award is given to team of authors, the Award will be shared among the authors.  Travel support will be given to the main author who is the designated Recipient to receive the Award at the next Award Ceremony on behalf of all authors.  The amount of the travel support will take into account the need of the Recipient.  The award committee will be responsible for the preparation of the plaque in coordination with the LOC.  The Award will be presented at the (next) Symposium at a time determined by the LOC, preferably at the symposium banquet, by the PISC Chair and a designated representative of Japan, the sponsoring body.  The Recipient will be invited to give either a historical or a scientific talk during the symposium, in coordination with LOC program arrangements.  The limited travel support is designed to assist the Recipient to travel to the symposium at which the award will be given. 


The PISC Chairperson, or another PISC member designated by him or her, will contact the designated Recipient to notify him or her, explain the significance of the award and the expectation to be present for the award ceremony, and to obtain his or her acceptance.  After the Recipient has accepted, the PISC Chairperson will notify the LOC Chairperson, who will coordinate details of timing of the award ceremony, plaque production, etc.  


This Award will start from the XXIInd ISDEIV (Japan 2006) with the first Award given at the XXIIIrd ISDEIV (Romania 2008).