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Walter P. Dyke Award

The Walter P. Dyke Award


To recognize an individual contributor to the science or application of electrical discharges or electrical insulation in vacuum for a body of significant contributions.



a. Nomination
Any worker in the field may nominate a candidate. The nomination should be in the form of a letter to the Chair of the Awards Committee (currently Prof. Rene Smeets, mail to:, detailing the contribution of the candidate, and its significance. Publicity about the award should be included in each symposium proceedings, and in other media as appropriate.  The deadline for nomination is November 30 of the year before the symposium. 

b. Recommendation 
The Award Committee, a subcommittee of PISC, will review all nominations, and make recommendations to the PISC.

c. Selection 
The PISC will make the final selection in the year between symposia. Alternatives will be designated in case the selected Awardee declines.

d. Eligibility 
Any worker in the field is eligible to be nominated except previous recipients of the Walter P. Dyke Award.  PISC members who have been nominated will not participate in the selection discussion. Should an Award Committee Member be nominated, the member is immediately and automatically to be excluded from all further discussions and decisions.  


The award will consist of a plaque and a monetary award, in a sum determined by the PISC.

Financing for the above will be from the PISC treasury. The award committee will be responsible for the preparation of the plaque in coordination with the LOC. The award will be presented at the symposium at a time determined by the local organising committee, preferably at the symposium banquet. The Awardee will be invited to give a either a historical or scientific talk, in co-ordination with the local organising committee, preferably the opening presentation.  The Awardee will be the guest of the symposium, and the local organizing committee will undertake to provide travel and accommodations support.


The PISC Chairperson, or another PISC member designated by him or her, will contact the designated Awardee to notify him of his selection, explain the significance of the award and presentation ceremony, and to obtain his acceptance. After an Awardee has accepted, the PISC Chairperson will notify the LOC Chairperson, who will co-ordinate details of timing and support.