to the 

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Building 50-Auditorium

Organizers: Alan Poon and Kai Vetter

(Last update: Nov 29)
  • The scientific program can be found here.
  • The list of poster presentations is here.

Topics to be discussed include:
      • Use of Ge detectors in physics research
        • dark matter, neutrino physics, nuclear structure and other related topics in nuclear, particle and astro-physics
      • Investigations of basic Ge properties
        • determination of Ge characteristics, and their effects on future detector design
      • Recent advances in detector industry
        • advances in large and novel detectors, new cooling systems, low-noise detectors, and custom-design detectors and technologies
      • R&D in Ge detector technology
        • front-end readout, signal processing and pulse shape analysis, passivation and coating techniques,...etc

Scientific Advisory Committee:

Paul Barton (LBNL), Steve Boggs (UC San Diego), Bo Cederwall (KTH Stockholm), Ren Cooper (LBNL), Heather Crawford (LBNL), Klaus Eitel (KIT), Juergen Gerl (GSI/Darmstadt), Jing Liu (South Dakota), Susanne Mertens (TUM / MPI Munich), Matt Pyle (UC Berkeley), John Wilkerson (UNC, Chapel Hill).

Local Organizing Committee:

Ren Cooper, Lukas Hehn, Dorothy Kenlow, Jane McCall, Jordan Myslik, Erika Suzuki