HPC Services User Support Home

This is the Home page for the HPC User Support services offered by the Scientific Computing Group at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab and is intended for users of the Lab's Lawrencium cluster and users of PI-owned clusters. General information about HPC at Berkeley Lab can be found at our main web site here.

Our HPC User Support consultants have experience in computational science and engineering on a variety of parallel platforms and are available to assist users with issues related to using LBL computational resources. Users are encouraged to investigate our documentation to answer questions about our resources.

Please review the documentation links on the left side bar and click on the appropriate cluster link you need information about. You can reach our group for additional information by sending email to hpcshelp@lbl.gov Monday to Friday, 8:00am to 6:00 pm.


Oct 1, 2017- Free Computing: Announcing the PI Computing Allowance (PCA)

What is it? Each Berkeley Lab PI is eligible for an allowance of 300,000 Service Units (scalable core-hours) of computation per year on Lawrencium, Berkeley Lab’s high performance computing cluster. Allowances can be shared with project partners.
What do you pay? There is a $25/mo. account fee, but no cost for the computing time on the cluster. PIs simply submit an application to participate. Scientific Computing Group staff will then assist them with the steps needed to access Lawrencium. PIs with existing accounts can apply to get a new SLURM project/group account with the 300K SU allocation.

Jul 28, 2016 - No Runtime Limits on Free Low Priority QoS
After evaluating user feedback, we have decided to remove the 64-node and 72-hour time limit for the jobs that one can run through the lr_lowprio and mako_lowprio QoSs to better serve our user community. This means there will be essentially no limit with the resource you can request at a time; however, please keep it in mind that preemption still applies whenever resources are demanded by other higher priority jobs.