Data Import to Home Energy Saver

The Home Energy Scoring Tool is a rapid lower-cost "asset rating" of a home's fixed energy systems, and as such it uses a set of standardized operational inputs as part of the rating process. To accommodate Scoring Tool users and homeowners who would like to avail themselves of the more comprehensive modeling capabilities of the Home Energy Saver without the necessity of re-entering the home description data, LBNL has developed an import feature for both the consumer and professional Home Energy Saver sites.  

The Interface:

The import method is accessed via hyperlinks on the Home Energy Saver start pages:
HES Consumer:
HES Professional:

Upon hyperlink click, an input dialog box is displayed prompting the user to enter the Home Energy Score Label Number and the associated Qualified Assessor (QA) number into the appropriate fields.  If a valid Label and QA number pair are submitted, the Home Energy Saver will create a new session populated with the model input values extracted from the submitted Home Energy Score session.  Note: If a new Home Energy Saver session doesn't spawn and the browser appears to be stuck in "wait" mode, the browser can be reset by reloading the home page.  In the event of this occurrence, The likely cause is an incorrect Label number, QA number or QA/Label pairing.