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Energy Efficiency Measures

Following is a roster of energy efficiency measures considered in the "ACT" tab of EnergyIQ. Each building in the peer groups is evaluated via a simulation model to determine the energy savings of each applicable measure. The range of outcomes is used to estimate a range of potential savings for the user's building. A detailed description of each measure is provided via tooltips in the online GUI.  The underlying methodology is described here.
Building Shell
  • Roof
    • Interior insulation
    • Radiant barriers
    • Cool Roof
  • Wall Insulation
    • Insulation to concrete block walls
    • Insulation to concrete walls
    • Insulation to brick walls
    • Insulation to wood framed walls
    • Insulation to metal framed walls
  • Windows
    • Reflective glazing
    • Low-e glazing
    • Tinted glazing
    • Double pane windows
    • Vinyl windows


  • Indoor Lighting
    • Lighting area reduction
    • Incandescent to compact fluorescent
    • T-12 to T-8 (including electronic ballast)
    • Change ballast type for fluorescent tubes
    • Change to pulse start metal halide
  • Outside Lighting
    • Manual controls to photocell
    • Incandescent to compact fluorescent
    • T-12 to T-8 (including electronic ballast)
    • Change ballast type for fluorescent tubes
    • Change to pulse start mental halide

Water Heating

  • High efficiency gas storage water heater
  • Storage water heater blanket
  • Pipe insulation

Remote Refrigeration

  • Convert to multiplex compressor
  • Install floating head pressure control
  • Install ambient sub-cooling
  • Install mechanical sub-cooling
  • Change air cooled condenser to evaporative/water cooled condenser
  • Change all condensers to close-approach/oversized condenser
  • A fraction representing a reduction in refrigeration usage through the installation of high efficiency scroll compressor measures

HVAC: Package Single-Zone

  • Heating
    • High efficiency packaged DX Unit
      • Air-source heat pump 
      • Packaged terminal heat pump
      • Water loop pump
      • Split single zone heat pump
      • Packaged single zone furnace
      • Split single zone furnace
  • Cooling
    • High efficiency packaged DX unit
      • Packaged single zone
      • Split single zone
      • Packaged terminal AC/heat pump
      • Air-source heat pump
      • Water loop heat pump
  • Economizer
    • Economizer to enthalpy type

HVAC: Multi-Zone

  • Electric to gas boiler
  • Constant volume to variable air volume (VAV) system
  • Enthalpy economizer
  • Reduce VAV minimum air flow %

HVAC: Chillers

  • Chilled water reset
  • Air cooled centrifugal chiller
  • Air cooled reciprocating chiller
  • Air cooled screw chiller
  • Air cooled scroll chiller
  • Water cooled centrifugal chiller
  • Water cooled reciprocating chiller
  • Water cooled screw chiller
  • Water cooled scroll chiller

HVAC: Boilers

  • High efficiency gas water heater boilers
  • High efficiency steam boilers
  • High efficiency hot water boilers

HVAC: Auxiliaries (Pumps and Fans)

  • Pumps
    • Premium efficiency motor for pumps
    • Variable speed motor for pumps
    • Two-speed motor for pumps
  • Fans
    • Premium efficiency motor for fans