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Known Issues

 ID Description Work-around
 5369 Portfolio Manager import fails or the data is incorrect.  Manually create your Portfolio Manager Building on EnergyIQ.
 5486When editing the energy use billing period, the program won't actually update the billing period.Delete all energy fuels in the billing period, this will delete the billing period all together. Now enter the proper billing period and its associated energy uses.
 5485 "Insufficient Data" notification when attempting to benchmark a building that does have sufficient data. When creating that building, if you entered a billing period, then deleted it or edited it to an older energy billing period, then you get the "insufficient data" message when attempting to add a building to a benchmarking chart. Delete the building and enter all data again.
 5459 Unit conversions for lodging and restaurants are incorrect 
 5458 Background shading missing in drop-down list for chart units Highlight "invisible" area to make legible
 5456 Fuel energy metric below stated range for some buildings 
 5453 For some building types, Site Energy and Emissions return same data and charts
 5455The MWh/employee-yr and /student-yr metrics are at wrong scale required to resolve data 
 5454 Fuel value returned is implausibly high in some cases and is far outside of crumbtrail range 
 5451 For some cases, vintage does not show up on Benchmark chart crumbtrail when "pre-1900" is selected (CEUS) 
 5442 Median bar in Range graph is not accurate  Export data to excel and modify chart
 5261 Titles on charts exported to Track don't match the original versions from Benchmark process Export data to excel and modify chart
 5460Fuel per sf metric not working on Track dashboard