The NCEM / MF Electron Tomography Short Course held at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, CA

Three-dimensional analysis by electron tomography is fast becoming an integral part of structure characterization at the nanometer scale. The technique has been utilized in the biology and materials science for many years, but is still considered a specialty. The National Center for Electron Microscopy (NCEM) and the Molecular Foundry (MF) at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory currently provide tools for 3D electron tomography in their user program. To introduce this method and provide advanced training, we are holding a 3-day short course with lectures and hands-on instruction to cover theoretical, experimental and practical aspects of electron tomography, including:
  • Tomography theory
  • Sample preparation
  • Data collection
  • Alignment
  • Reconstruction
  • Visualization
  • Analysis
tomography tilt series
This short course is designed for knowledgeable electron microscopists that are users or seek to become users of NCEM and the Foundry. To provide participants with hands-on practical training, the number of students will be limited. If you are interested in participating, please submit your information by December 17th.