SA #4 Energy Expenses Related to Basic Office Equipment in CS Divisions

8/18/11 Chip Smith reviews power needs in 50F. Issues:
Some systems are kept powered up for System Administrators to perform automatic updates. 
People need to access remote desktop.

8/19/11 Chip Smith offers power monitor.
Chuck McParland (CRD) suggests instead of using the smart meters, meet with EETD as they have already performed research. 
Faciliities Division Blair Horst loans 3 WattsUpPro meters. Blair Horst provides historical power data for 50F. 
EETD Steve Lanzisera consults on desktop issues. Provides his presentation to Lab managment, including B90 power reviews.
Read 50F kitchen meter. Install WattsUp in 3 locations: Betsy sit-stand desk; Prabhat Apple laptop charger, Prabhat desktop.
Link to SA Survey form:
and spreadsheet with results: