CS Self-Assessment FY11

Computing Sciences Directorate FY11 ES&H Self-Assessment

This page is for use by the CS Self-Assessment team. It includes links to forms for use in the CS self-assessment reviews. The CS FY11 Self-Assessment Plan is attached to this page. We have selected four focus areas for FY11:


Effectiveness of Subcontractor Work Authorizations

April, 2011


Computer Room Fire Safety

July, 2011


Computer Workstation Ergonomics for New Staff and Office Moves

July, 2011


Energy Expenses Related to Basic Office Equipment in CS Divisions

September, 2011

Self-Assessment Team members:

  • Shane Canon, NERSC Division Safety Rep
  • Betsy MacGowan, CS Division Safety Coordinator
  • Scott Mason, CRD/ESnet Safety Rep
  • Chuck McParland, CS Safety Committee Member
  • Aaron Garrett, NERSC Ergo Advocate