CS Safety Committee - October 15, 2012 Meeting


This page serves as the meeting Agenda. Minutes are added in boldface font.


New NERSC Division Director Sudip Dosanjh. Not present.


Building Evacuation Procedures. Reminder of the upcoming Great California ShakeOut this Thursday October 18th. OSF will do a limited shake out without evacuation. Plus, OSF will do a fire drill with full evacuation this Wednesday, October 17th. NERSC Division plus the two UCOP floors will participate.


Next award is December 31, 2012. New Safety Culture site describes "Sf" lapel pins that can be awarded to recognize good safety behavior in addition to a SPOT Award. SF lapel pins distributed to Division Safety Coordinators, and were supposed to be distributed to SAC representatives. A nice way to recognize safety contribution. 
Action: Laurel to find out if the EHSS Safety SPOT Award program will continue this fiscal year, and what the funding level is. They ran out of money last year. An additional complication was trying to split the funding in cases where we felt the award deserved more than what the EHS SPOT committee wanted to award. The big question was allocation - with a very limited SPOT award allocation, EHS wanted Divisions to count the amount against their allocation.

CATS Issues

Closed CAs: 
#9079 NRTL in 2265 has been completed. A total of 93 new items were added to the Electrical Equipment database. Even though this is closed everyone needs to look at NRTL both equipment purchased in the 3 years since we did the initial evaluation, and new equipment. We have been told EHSS will start charging us next March to do the inspections of newly-added equipment. The difficulty is finding an effective way to only procure NRTL-ed equipment. 
#9239 daisy chained plug strips in OSF control room. Strips were under floor so not readily identified as daisy chained. Caused power outage. Jeff Grounds installed dedicated branch circuit. 
Only open CAs is one that we assigned to Facilities. Kim Abbott: that is good that we don't have any open Actions.

SAARs (Accidents)

One accident for FY13. On October 10th, an SND employee reported to health services with lower back pain. Pain was triggered by leaning forward and rotating to plug a CAT 5 cable into a switch.

The accident investigation has not yet been done. 

Patty Giuntoli asks how to distinguish between an accident and just general aches and pains. For example if she puts her arm a certain way, she feels a twinge. General discussion of the purpose of accident reporting. The EHSS office that investigates accidents comes up with corrective actions. In some cases they find that there is nothing that could have been done. Other times, an issue is found not to be work related and is not entered into our OSHA log.

People are reluctant to report anything if it becomes a big issue. 


There have been no CS DOE Occurrence reports for FY13.

JHA completion: CRD 98%, NERSC 100%, SND 100%   Lab overall rate is 93%
Training completion: CRD 92%, NERSC  98%, SND 96%   Lab overall rate is 95%

All of these completion rates represent improvement. Attachments at the bottom of this page show specifics by Division.
The JHA program has implemented a new screen before the log in screen. This screen is designed to allow Divisions to direct Affiliates to different page if desired. 
The JHA Program is being replaced by the Work Planning and Control process. Betsy is participating in meetings developing the WPC. Issue: the WPC group has identified the location as the primary means of determining hazards. For example, if you work in a computer room, the work group owner would add you to the work group and make sure your work is correctly described. WPC knows we have an issue and is considering fixes.

Training expiration issues. 
  • Some people were locked out of card key controlled rooms because their GERT or computer room training expired. People need to know to keep GERT and computer room training current. There was a problem with SND not getting notices of GERT training expiration. This was corrected the day after it was discovered, and everyone who did not get a notice received an email message.
  • Some people had trouble getting the access back, even when they completed the training. Parisa was able to remove the authorization, then restore it, in the badging system, and then the cards worked. We will keep an eye on this to see if issues continue and if so, try to figure out what is going on.
  • The person's JHA must show a training is required in order for the person to receive email notification that the training will expire. This normally happens when a person subscribes to a JHA work group such as OSF computer room. Or Betsy can add them to the work group, and it will become effective the next time the person takes the JHA. Betsy emailed SND with a list of people in the OSF computer room work group. That is the only place we seem to have an issue. 


We need to come up with FY13 assessment focus areas. Suggestions: Access controls. Disaster Planning.


New EHSS Acting Division Director - Joe Dionne

EHSS wants to meet with CS Safety Coordinator and Management Representative.


Betsy: Laurel did noise monitoring of Mendel at OSF. We have not received a final report. Laurel: monitored with fans low to high. Noise levels were high enough that hearing protection would be required. 
Jeff Broughton was asking if there is any requirement that equipment be below the threshold for hearing protection. No, there is not, but it would be good practice to purchase equipment that will have noise level < 85 dBA. For example with quieter fans.
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