Coherent SAXS & GISAXS, XPCS for Material Science at ALS/ALS-U

- a workshop at ALS user meeting, 2017


Chenhui Zhu (ALS, chenhuizhu@lbl.gov)

Alex Hexemer (ALS, ahexemer@lbl.gov)

Left-right: Hong Chen, Julia Ortony, Chenhui Zhu, Yu Cao, Viviane Lutz-Bueno, Dan Ye, Eva Herzig, 
Yufeng Jiang, Qin Hu, Frank Fuller, Seung-Wuk Lee, Andi Barbour, Alexander Liebman-Pelaez, 
Ting Xu, Alec Sandy, Brett Helms, Eric Schaible
not pictured: Cecilia Leal, Xi Jiang, Alexander Hexemer 

Abstract: Explore new ways to utilize coherence for scattering, such as coherent SAXS, coherent GISAXS, XPCS, resonant XPCS, etc in order to investigate the structure and dynamics in functional materials, with an emphasis in soft/bio materials.

Dates: Oct 3, 1pm - Oct 4, noon

Location: 54-130B, Berkeley Lab

[54 is the cafeteria building.  To get to 54-130B, enter the cafeteria main door, keep left, walk towards the cashier desk, then turn left, need to pass room 130]


Invited speakers:

  • Andi Barbour                             NSLS II, Brookhave National Laboratory
  • Alec Sandy                                APS, Argonne National Laboratory
  • Vivian Lutz Bueno                     Swiss Light Source
  • Cecilia Leal                                UIUC
  • Julia Ortony                               MIT
  • Ting Xu                                      UC Berkeley
  • Seung Wuk Lee                         UC Berkeley
  • Brett Helms                               Molecular Foundry, LBL
  • Frank Fuller                               Molecular Biophys & Integ Bio, LBL
  • Xi Jiang                                      MSD, LBL

NOTE: lunch (11:50AM-) at ALS patio (included in the registration fee)


Oct. 3 afternoon


Chair: Chenhui Zhu

1:30pm   Brett Helms, Molecular Foundry, LBL

            "From Function to Form: Colloidal Nanoparticle Assembly Dynamics at Liquid-Liquid Interfaces"

2:00pm   Alec Sandy, APS, Argonne

            "Prospects for XPCS at 4th Generation Storage Ring X-ray Sources"

2:30pm   Ting Xu, UC Berkeley

            "Self-regulation in self assembly"

3:00 coffee break / [GROUP PHOTO]

3:30pm  Seung Wuk Lee

"Bio-inspired material design and applications"

4:00pm   Andi Barbour, NSLS, Brookhaven National Laboratory

            "Current Achievements and Future Opportunities at the Coherent Soft X-ray Scattering (CSX) Beamline"

4:30pm discussion

5:00PM  Dinner - at ALS patio (included in the registration fee)

Oct. 4 morning


Chair: Alex Hexemer

9:00AM    Xi Jiang, LBL

            "Characterizing synthetic polymer in real space: from nanoscale to atomic scale"

9:30AM    Vivian Lutz Bueno, Swiss Light Source

            "Scanning-SAXS imaging: higher dimensionality, information level and reconstruction complexity"

10:00 break

10:30AM Julia Ortony, MIT

            "Recent advances in electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) spectroscopy to access conformational dynamics on sub-nanometer length scales"

11:00AM   Cecilia Leal, UIUC

            "The study of highly structured biological membranes by small angle X-ray scattering"

11:30AM Frank Fuller, LBL

            "Efficient Instrumentation for Multi-modal Transient X-ray Diffraction, Emission, and Scattering at an X-ray Free Electron Laser"

12:00       Wrap-up.