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 December 13, 2010
 December 13, 2010
 December 22, 2010
 December 31, 2010
 January 1, 2011

Preliminary  Announcement

Recent advances in free-electron laser technology have demonstrated the ability to collect millions of "snap-shot" hard X-ray diffraction patterns from single bio-particles (e.g. viruses, cells) or hydrated protein nanocrystals. Other modes, such as Laue diffraction, fast (correlation) SAXS,  and  pump-probe experiments aimed at observing protein dynamics are also under development*.

The aim of this small workshop is to determine what opportunities the invention of the FEL offers to biologists.

For a brief review, see Chapman, Nature Materials, 8,  299 (2009)

Register online at http://www.regonline.com/FELS2011

Program Committee

M. Rossman (Purdue), D. Reese (Caltec), Louise Johnson (Oxford), K. Moffat (Chicago), Jack Johnson (Scripps), Bill Cramer (Purdue), K. Hodgson (SLAC), I. Schlichting (MPI Heidelburg),  R. Neutze (Gothenburg), G. Simpson (Purdue), P. Fromme (ASU), H. Chapman (DESY), M. Frank (LLNL), Adam Arkin (UCB), R.M. Stroud (UCSF), A. Brunger (Stanford), G. Phillips (Wisc), S. Lane (CBST), C. Betzel (U.Hamburg), M.Wilmanns (EMBL), K. Nugent (CXS), J.C.H.Spence (ASU/LBL)


Tentative plans include talks on the following topics: The current status;  Single Particles; Protein Nanocrystals; Dynamics - pump-probe possibilities; The phase problem; Instrumentation - (Sources, Detectors; Injection devices), In-situ experiments, Fast ab-initio fluctuation SAXS, In-jet snap-shot chemistry, Alternative methods - imaging in biology reviewed.

Inquires to J.C.H. Spence at     spence@asu.edu.


Funded by contributions from LBNL, CBST, LLNL, ASU, NSF, and SSRL SMB Program.

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