Since the advent of multi-core systems, the C++ programming language has rapidly grown in popularity in the HPC community. A number of C++ parallel programming frameworks have been developed to address the needs of multi-threaded and distributed applications. The C++11/14/17 International Standard have introduced new tools for parallel programming to the language, and the ongoing standardization effort is developing additional features which will enable HPC applications.

The 2016 Berkeley C++ Summit is a 2-day gathering of HPC application developers, HPC facilities personnel, HPC C++ parallel programming framework developers and ISO C++ committee members. The summit will be held in the Computational Research and Theory (CRT) Facility (Building 59) at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in Berkeley, California on October 17-18 2016. The goals of the summit are to:
  • Teach application developers about the latest C++ features and C++ parallel programming frameworks.
  • Give C++ committee members and framework developers an opportunity to connect with facilities personnel and application developers to facilitate adoption and collaboration.

If you are interested in attending, please register here. The Summit will be live streamed.